Swimming Pool Fungus Cure

Swimming Pool Fungus Cure
I would like to propose or suggest a possible cure for skin fungus. I am not saying this cures fungus, it just seems reasonable.

Swimming Pools loaded up with Chlorine.

Bauang - Paringao - San Fernando, Philippines
La Union Province
Southeast Asia
Thursday, August 20, 2009


Little white spots, this is the sign of a rather benign fungus, you can see it on many people, when fungus is really bad it become more like a rash or open abrasion. Note, not a way to make friends telling people they have fungus, I have stopped trying to help.

I caught a fungus on the Amazon River, it got out of control in both Thailand and Iraq. I finally killed it by taking pills in India, the creams I used did nothing more than put the fungus into remission.

People catch skin fungus in or around swimming pools, however if I understand correctly, the chlorine is put in the water to kill fungus.

If I was in heavily chlorinated water for about 30-60 minutes, my body would become waterlogged. Wouldn’t this kill fungus that is not in the blood stream?

Maybe drinking chlorinated water would get rid of the acne like junk on the skin of many Filipinos.

Swimming Pool Fungus Cure


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Is it even possible to get rid of them once and for all without future outbreaks? I got them in Costa Rica and they followed me over to India. When I finally sought treatment the doctor told me it was a fungus that lives in your skin, kind of like a yeast or something, that you have forever and it only blossoms in hot, damp conditions. My boyfriend gets them every year during the summer, despite treatment...
In Spanish they call them hongos....and in the Philippines they call them up-ups....


Hi,i have the same problem of skin fungus it really stress me i have use different types of cream and pills but have not clear can u assist me please,which pills from india did you use so that i can try thanks

What is the Fungus pill name? I will try to find out, maybe a reader will type in the name.

I took ONE pill per week for four weeks.

This must be potent, I was told not to take it longer, and that it can cause liver damage.

I think it is a low level poison that kills the fungus, but then again is poison the human just too low to kill you.

Fungus as I understand gets into your blood stream, the creams will not stop it, just put it in remission. I now use Nizoral soap once a month.

Note, you cannot get this in the USA without a prescription, however I can buy across the counter in Thailand.

I suppose it is good for dandruff also.

But, I presently have what may be a light fungus inside my ears, I am trying to waterlog my ears in the swimming pool to allow the chlorine to kill the fungus or put deep into remission.

The photo of the fungus above is maybe a scar, I am not sure it goes away just because you kill the fungus. I think a good tan will make it dilute in color.

Hope this helps, I will ask my Thailand girlfriend who is a pharmacist the name of the fungus pills.
Andy in the Philippines 2009

Hi! Andy did you get the name of the pill i requested you to find for me please thank you

if you for some reason cant get a doctor or scrip for skin infections you can always try full strength Head and Shoulders Intensive care in the dark blue bottle- rub into the skin when its dry and let it stay. may take an application or two or three days but does work on the white guys skin when these curious spots totally devoid of color appear (they may be tiny or big around as softballs or more) i say "white guy" cuz thats what my husband is and what his problem looks like!)

You can try an older cheaper antifungal systemic drug like griseofulvin, but I would recommend Flucanozole (generic for Diflucan) 200/mg once or twice a week.

Newer stuff like Terbenafine (Llamisol) is tougher on the liver ans you should monitor liver transaminase.

just get Flucanazole. It's ghastly expensive in RP. Costs maybe 25 cents a pill here, 800php at Mercury drug in Cebu. Might try that new The Generics Pharmacy


Antifungals are a lot cheaper:


If you get griseolfulvin, try one a day at that strength

in any event, it will take a few weeks, probably.

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