Is Haiti in East or West Africa

No, Haiti is located about 580 Miles Southeast of Florida, Haiti is a neighbor who lives done the street from the USA. Haiti is an independent country in the West Indies, occupying the western third of the island of Hispaniola in the Caribbean Sea. Haiti shares the island with the Dominican Republic.

I am asking the question, is Haitian culture more East or West African? Did the majority of slaves come from East or West Africa?

More or less the Slave business worked like this, the Chiefs over in Africa collected humans, and then European Ships would come to the port, load them up and take them somewhere? The eternal question that comes to the surface is where, and lead to books like “Roots” written by Alex Haley, generally the Black people in North, Central, Caribbean and South America do not know where they came from, their roots are not clear.

If you want the proper word for a cocktail part to play your part in pretentious conversation, then you need to get a grip on the word
--- scattering of language, culture, or people: a dispersion of a people, language, or culture that was formerly concentrated in one place

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I have been to East and West Africa, and it is my overwhelming opinion this is a West African culture forcibly relocated over to Haiti, it is not President Osama’s Kenya family. I feel like I am in West Africa, which is truly a better place to be than in East Africa. I personally enjoy the happier cultures of West Africa, sort of a Frenchie dice roll, and not the serious English lets make a lot of rules society.

Where are you from?
I find it quite interesting people can forget where they came from, well; I am not sure forget is the right word, somewhere along the line it was not important to remember. There are thousands and million of people studying the Genealogy of their family to answer the question,
“Where do I come from?”

My name family name Graham is probably Scottish, however it is possible my family name originally came from Ireland or England, we just do not know, I am mutt American, we have been in the country since about the 1600-1700, somewhere down the line we forgot to remember. The culture of a family, the family customs, the way of life of our ancestors are not forgotten, I have asked my mother to explain many times, where did you learn to make Potato Soup.

Walking around in Haiti, I see West Africa written on the culture everywhere I go, from the way they smile, the way they eat, drink and live, I feel like I am in an West Africa. I surely hope you do not consider this a bad thing, West Africa is wonderful place.

By the way, I always want to thank the French, what would I do here in Haiti without the Baguette, if the French was around; there is normally some good bread to be found.

Is Haiti in East or West Africa


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Andy, you're right, the vast majority of Haiti's slaves came from the western side of Africa - particularly the present-day areas of Congo, Angola, Ghana and the coastal regions of Nigeria and Cameroon. I think there would be effectively no Haitians of East African descent. East African slaves weren't really involved in the trans-Atlantic slave trade, they were shipped to the Arabian peninsula and other parts of the Middle East and across the Indian Ocean. There's still a ex-slave community in Iran.


Slaves were sold like any goods. Best price for best goods. Sorry to say most carbienn slaves were sold in those areas bcause of lack of strength or lack of faculties,or beauty. Best prices of course were in the Carolinas and the superb were sent to Boston an New york.

Your right that the chiefs of Africa sold their own. Something most blacks never comprehend.

You will not find many beauty queens from this area unless they intermarried. Nor will you find many Nobel prize winners. Obama not included.

Check the facts libs.

PS. area in St. Thomas.USVI still called slave market sq near down town on back street. still has the highest rate of crime and ugly chicks to this day.

Not my doing just history facts.

This is written by one who gets his history lessons from the tube. But at least he gets it from somewhere right ?

Baraka Manani you stupid shit. I have been to West Africa three times and lived one year of my life there.

Richard Trillo is the Editor of the Roughguide Guidebook for West Africa.

Chuck WOW, your comment really depicted your stupidity and ignorance. You erroneously assumed that most Caribbean slaves were inferior to the ones sent to the States. If you had taken time to read a history book you would realize that there were different colonial powers in each area. The British owned much of present day USA prior to losing that colony while the French and Spaniards ruled the Caribbean, Latin America and South America. Being that Haiti was the crown jewel and all those colonial powers fought to control the island, it's highly unlikely its labor force consisted of weak and inferior slaves. Let's not forget those weak and inferior slaves were the only ones with the fortitude to rebel and earn their independence rather than simply wait for their masters to grant them independence as did most of the African nations and the so called superior slaves of the USA.

African Chiefs collecting people and selling them to white traders is only part of the equation. Whites also ambushed villages and kidnapped unsuspecting Africans. Chuck, black too are aware that we were sold by some of own greedy ancestors. The issue that we have is how the institution of slavery became a harsh racist society. In the beginnings of the New World, there were Black, White, and Native American slaves. When the Native Americans who were not immune to the diseases brought over by the Europeans began dying in grave numbers, an alternative had to be used. Which were Africans, who became the permanent choice for free human labor. To justify their wrong doings, whites somehow had to minimize the humanity of blacks. Thus began the the extreme racism and white supremacy that continues to lurk today.

please av been to east Africa and i find it way better than the west of Africa for your information just because its developed does not mean its not a good place to be in they still have their cultures at heart.......... west of Africa i don’t know what to say just because they were colonized by the french and they still are poor(like all countries colonized by french) does not make it a better place even Haiti itself is still poor and blame it on the french...........

Well as a Haitian myself, I am not sure where most Haitians ancestors comes from. I think it worth noting that I have never been to West or East Africa, although I'm hoping to travel there in the future. So, I have no clue as to what side of the African’s continent Haiti’s resembles most, as far as culture or religions. However, I think one of the most intelligent questions would be this. Why some of the tribal leaders in Africa were selling their own people to slavery to the Europeans? According to history, most if not all of these slave traders did not have their own written language meaning they were not aware of the slave profitability from the other countries unless orally told. Base on my researched, it appears slavery of some form was already in process in the continent. It is not clear if it was wide spread but so far I concluded that it was done by small tribal leaders with wish to accomplish two things. One, weaken their enemy by selling them as slaves when kidnapped, two strengthen their own tribes by trading the only way they know how to the Europeans. Although these are my theories, I’m having issues backing them up because there are no historical records to show proof of that. Please feel free to comment.


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